Friday, June 29, 2007

Episode 20: NYC Author Eve Lederman

(38:49) Eve Lederman is the author of the book "Letters from My Sister: On Love, Life and Hair removal" available on and New York City Barnes & Noble locations. Lederman describes the book she wrote with her sister like this: "Letters From My Sister is a memoir of our lives in progress comprising a collection of correspondence. Our offbeat adventures run the gamut from men to careers to hair removal, and we blame all our frustrations and fears on our Jewish mother who used to buy an entire tongue pickled from the butcher. She’d plop the whole organ down on the table like an autopsy. We were traumatized by that tongue."

Michael Molyneux, staff editor of the City section of the The New York Times said “The Lederman sisters serve up a warm slice of life on the edge, with an edge. A thoroughly enjoyable tale of urban escapades.” Matthew Cooper, White House correspondent for Time Magazine called the book “A racy conversation worth wiretapping, and an uproarious celebration of free speech.” And Wayne Fisk, Director of Programming for ABC Broadcasting called it “An entertaining and tantalizing literary lap dance.”

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ryanprice said...

Mark, this was the best episode of Orlando Arts Podcast ever! It must take a lot of work to do - if you were getting paid for it I would think it was worth the effort. You should apply for a UA grant (or whatever to produce these, or something.

ryanprice said...

Also, where do I get an embed code so I can share this with people?