Saturday, September 23, 2006

Broadway's "The Light in the Piazza" National Tour

Chris Danner is the Company Manager for the National Tour of "The Light in the Piazza." He works for the NETworks production company, bringing several tours to Orlando and all across the country. With many duties, Chris managed to find the time to sit down and share what it's like living on the road, why he does what he does and how much the set for "Light in the Piazza" cost. (You won't believe it!) We taped the interview in his office backstage at the Bob Carr. During the interview, Piazza star Christine Andreas walked into the office! We didn't get a chance to speak with her, but it was a thrilling moment nonetheless.

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--Chris Danner, Company Manager
--Christine Andreas, Margaret Johnson
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--Florida Theatrical Association
--Broadway Across America
--Video of upcoming tours


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Brian Feldman said...

Great interview, Mark! I never would have guessed the cost of that set! Plus, all the links are helpful.