Saturday, September 23, 2006

Corporate Entertainment Producer SAK

Keith Dickerson is the Director of Corporate Entertainment for SAK Comedy Lab, creating and producing professional, custom events for Fortune 1000 clients all over the country with a staff of professional writers, producers and performers. This little-publicized arm of the 30 year old professional theater is a fascinating department where original works are created and sold.

Mentioned in this episode:
The Mayor Dyer Roast
--Photo gallery
--Press Release
Don't-It-Yourself Ad Campaign Launch Event
--Orlando Regional Realtors Association
--Knight Images
--Don't It
H. Wayne Huizenga's Floridian Golf Course Party
--New York Times articles on Huizenga
--Business Week article on The Floridian Golf Course
Red Chair Affair Benefit Dinner
--Event photo gallery
--Sentinel article
--United Arts
--Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance
--Bob Carr Theater



Brian Feldman said...

"Thank you for having me on my show" was great.

Q: Would a remount of "Trapped on Christmas Mountain" be fair game as far as a SAK Corporate Entertainment event is concerned? I mean, could I buy one of those?

By the way, this is the second podcast in a row to feature a ringing telephone - twice. Is this some sort of OAP motif? If so, I like it.

Corporate Entertainment said...

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