Saturday, September 23, 2006

Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance

Jim Morris is the Executive Director of the Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance. Finding opportunities for the arts and cultural industry to collaborate and helping to ignite a cultural identity within the Orlando area are two key reasons Jim enjoys the Executive Director role. Jim spent 8 years working in the for profit world of marketing before realizing his passion for mission over profit. Jim was formerly a board member of the Central Florida Theatre Alliance, which later as its ED he expanded to become the Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance. The major focus of the Alliance: Building strategic community alliances, local advocacy, project management, facilities management and venues, audience development, consultation with members.

Mentioned in this Episode:
--Red Chair Project explained
--Red Chair Project (not live yet)
--Knight Images (created the Red Chair concept)
--Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance


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Brian Feldman said...

So The Red Chair Project (RCP) will be similar in nature to AusTIX and the late, lamented OTIX. Finally, I think I get it!

With that stated, I think that Mark's "The Arts City Program of Arts: The City of Arts - A Lot of Boring Crap" is an even better title than RCP. Or maybe I'm just thinking T-shirts here.