Saturday, September 16, 2006

Off-Off Broadway's "Musical of Musicals" Orlando Cast

The Southeastern Premiere production of the Off-Off Broadway show "Musical of Musicals" has been invited to perform in Germany. Director Jay Hopkins talks about how the opportunity came about for his 2-year old Orlando-based theater.

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--Musical of Musicals the Musical
--American Association of Community Theaters
--Roadside Theater's One Act Play Festival Line-up
--Video made by the Roadside Theater
--Jim Rhinehart, musical director
--Natalie Cordone
--Kevin Kelly in Kid Simple
--Kate O'Neal

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Brian Feldman said...

Very exciting news! And amazing that it's all free! All the best to Jester Theater on this Intl. Showcase Performance. Hooray for theat"er!" I'll be thinking of you guys come Sun. Oct. 8th at 12pm (EST). Enjoy the Autobahn! (By the way, love Jay's adjective used to describe "Kid Simple." Apt.)